Multicloured Nguni Cattle

"I have dreamed of my coloured cattle in the hills, shields in fields of yellow and brown" - Jonny Clegg & Juluka




In the past few years there has been a growing interest in the Nguni cattle of South Africa's Zulu, Xhosa and Swazi people.  International furniture designers and interior decorators, hotels and lodges are seeking the multi-coloured hides.  Progressive farmers are seeking the breed for their resistance to disease, ticks and other parasites. 


Why Nguni cattle?

History of Ngunis

Cattle and culture

Patterns and names

Nguni Breeders

Nguni skin products


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The colourful patterns of Nguni hides not only have a rich cultural significance but are also sought after for furnishing or even as luxurious rugs and throws.  For an experience in Nguni skin products, click here.

Mooi River Nguni Sale - 17 April 2008

Peter and Gitti Kraupner of Polelana Ngunis in Underberg, KwaZulu Natal are organising another Mooi River sale on the 17th April 2008 at the Mooi River sale yards.  There are well over 150 cows, heiffers and bulls on sale and all have been personally selected as quality stud animals.

.Red & White heifer

Yvonne du Preez's red & white heifer

The Abundant Herds

A beautiful book by Marguerite Poland, David Hammond-Tooke and Leigh Voigt celebrates the interrelationship between the Zulu people and their cattle.  Watercolour and oil paintings by Leigh Voigt bring to life the cultural wealth and poetic heritage of the Zulu.

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