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 We started breeding Ngunis in 1983 in the Underberg district. The breeding herd was started with cattle from the Makatini Flats and Gravelotte. Some females were also purchased from King Goodwill Zweletini and Natal Parks Board.

 For the first 13 years the breeding was only AI. The main bulls used were from Yvonne du Preez, Dr Janssen and the Reilly’s. We then purchased a Swazi bull from Winfred Steinhagen. We also purchased a Swazi bred bull from Lionel Biggs and later two Makatini bulls from Tony Dube. We have used some of our own bulls over the last few years. At times we do multi-sire mating instead of single sire mating. 

The Underberg/Himeville area is mainly sourveld. We have very harsh and cold winters and a short summer season. The main breeding herd grazes on veld during summer and then come to home farm during the winter. They survive on kikuyu and rivervlei fogage. We supplement with a phosphate lick during the summer months and phosphate protein lick during winter.


            Lot 112 – KD 03 542 

The Underberg area has a big redwater and gallsick challenge. Our Ngunis have never been dipped in the 23 years that we have been breeding them. We have unfortunately in this last season lost some animals to the Asiatic & European Redwater. We still stick to our non-dipping policy. 

The herd is annually vaccinated against Anthrax & Blackquarter in January or February each year. Heifer calves are vaccinated against CA at weaning.


                        Lot 111 – KD 03 606 

We have three selection criteria for our breeding herd namely, purity, functional efficiency and fertility. Our herd average inter-calving period is 397 days. We still have breeding cows that were born in 1988 that produce a calf every season.

 We have kept computerized records of our herd from the day that we started breeding Ngunis. This has assisted us with selection criteria such as functional efficiency and fertility.

The animals that we have selected for the first sale are animals that we would retain in our own breeding herd. We look forward to seeing you at our first sale with Yvonne & John du Preez and the guest sellers.

 Contact Details:

P K Kraupner, P O Box 127, HIMEVILLE, 3256

Tel: 033-7021045

Cell: 082-8248480

Email: polelana@zulucattle.com


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